Education & Work Experience.

Project Management and Brand Strategy in the Digital Industry.

My Objective: To successfully lead a project from start to finish, while overcoming obstacles and achieving KPIs, with a smile!

Work Experience.
  • EQ Works
    June 2018 - Present

    Account Executive - Nov 2019 - Present
    Sr. Account Manager - Aug 2019 - Present
    Account Manager - June 2018 - Aug 2019

    • Use product knowledge and knowledge of consumer behavior to increase client sales and improve campaign performance;
    • Oversee the project management, implementation, creative, performance, and optimization of digital campaigns;
    • Maintain and develop client relationships throughout both Canada and the United States;

  • GroupM
    Feb 2016 - June 2018

    Ad Operations Specialist - Jul 2017 - June 2018
    Ad Operations Coordinator - Feb 2016 - Jul 2017

    GroupM is the number one global media investment management group. We offer the intelligence to find or create valuable audiences, the power to engage them most effectively and efficiently, and the ability to create desired marketing outcomes.
    My focus:
    • Trafficking display, video, mobile, and rich media advertisements through Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM);
    • Ensures effective delivery of the campaign’s digital media strategy;
    • Drives the day-to-day execution of digital ad delivery;
    • Experienced in managing the technical competencies of 20+ digital media campaigns at any one time;
    • Responsible for QA of creative assets and campaign set-up;
    • Identifies opportunities for improvement regarding the optimization of digital media campaigns.

  • Studio Bud
    2015 - Now

    Co-Founder/Project Manager
    Studio Bud aims to connect local organizations with local youth to engage in collaborative and creative activity. We create opportunities for Gen Z youth to engage with impactful and real-world projects. They develop ‘blue sky’ ideas and see problems organizations face in a different light.

Key Projects
  • Major Research Project - Exploration of Affordances in Subscription-Based Digital Magazines
    Jan 2015 - Aug 2015

    • The purpose of this study was to analyze the current state of digital publishing and establish a framework for the design and development of digital magazines
    • This study analyzed 128 digital magazines through the lens of affordance theory
    • Twenty affordances were identified and categorized into four distinct groups: extend content, community involvement, utility, and entertainment
    • A nonlinear relationship between the number of digital subscriptions and the variety of affordances implemented in a magazine was identified
    • The 20 affordances identified were analyzed against three previously established frameworks, including Gibson's original categorization of perceived, hidden, and false affordances.

  • District.TO Creative Workshop (w/ Studio Bud, Harbord C.I., SupaMaasai, & Canon Canada)
    Mar 2015-Apr 2015

    District.TO is a creative agency that connects local charities with high school students to create buzzworthy,marketing campaigns while providing educational workshops and memorable volunteer experiences to students.

    Small charities face several limitations in reaching a larger audience. We contact local charities that need assistance with brand awareness, and conncet them to high school programs with curriculums in technology, creative works and social causes. Our team facilitates workshops that introduces students to the principles of design thinking, production, and social venture practices. Finally, under our guidance, students develop campaign ideas for the local charity and put their ideas into action by producing these campaigns themselves. The end result is a memorable volunteer and learning opportunity for each student while helping a local charity create brand awareness. We believe that involving students in social ventures will have a lasting impression on their perspective, help build character and motivate continued social action.

    While larger organizations are investing in marketing and branding strategy, District.TO was created to bridge the gap for the smaller organizations who have little to no marketing budget. We are using Canon technology as a catalyst in this project, giving participants access to industry standard media production tools that create high quality campaigns. Together, we create cool stuff to do good stuff.

  • CrowdLet
    Jan 2015 - Apr 2015

    CrowdLet is an innovative wearable technology that enhances interactivity in live entertainment spaces using social media.

    Find out more now .

    The final project was a working prototype, launched at an industry showcase.

Leadership Opportunities

Mar 2017 Studio Bud Innovation Lab, Harbord C.I.
Mar 2017 Training Group Project Manager, GroupM
Nov 2015 Ideation Workshop for NEET Entrepreneurs, Community Innovation Lab (w/Studio Bud)
Dec 2012 - Mar 2013 Co-Chair, Ryerson Blue and Gold Ball
May 2012 - Apr 2013 Faculty Director (FCAD/Faculty of Communication & Design), Ryerson Student's Union
Jan 2012 - Apr 2012 Co-Editor-in-Chief,GCM Yearbook
Sept 2011 - Apr 2012 Social Rep,GCM Course Union
May 2010 - Aug 2012 ROC Leader, Ryerson University Orientation Week

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